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Since we were established in 1990, our products has played a leading part in various fields of industry. Especially, in manufacturing process of cathod ray tube.

We have made every efforts for prior occupation of advanced technologies so that we should developed more excellent semi conductor and air cooled type of induction heaters than the existing vacuum tube, and also we have been highly praised for our invention of induction heater controlled by self diagnostic circuit and micro processor.

As a result of our constant research and development, we have developed excellent and powerful equipment used for various induction heating processes such as forging, melting, annealing, hardening, vacuum aluminizing and etc., and also we are now in the spotlight of a field of world industy by developing heating systems which can be applied to LCD back light aluminizing, PDP manufacturing and FLL aging.

We will exert every effort to meet our customers' needs with better product and service and to be the worldwide leader of high frequency induction heating under our slogan " self-development, invention of special technology and better welfare.

We are sure of a leading company that contributes to our society.

Thank you.

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