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Model Input Output Frequency Dimension

     SHF - 200K

AC220 ~ 440V
3PH 50/60 Hz
20kW * 11 7 ~ 10kHz

800 X 2900 X 1750


   MAIN UNIT : Composed of 11 units of 5kW, Sequence Unit and Power unit

   5kW UNIT : Composed of interchangeable slide type of 4 units

   WORK COIL : Composed of 11 work coils built-in CARBON CRUCIBLE





  Electrical Specification

 Oscillation Type

  Synchronous mehtod

 Wave Type

  Sine wave

 Output Control Method

  Constant Voltage Control

 Sequence Type

  PLC communication

 Cooling method

  Water Cooled type

 Volume of water flow

  3kg/㎠, 80ℓ

 Output control V

  DC 0~10V

  Length of output

  10 m

  DC control Method

  IGBT Freqeuncy Control

   Duty rate


  You can easily maintain and repair equipment  by performing a Self-Diagnostic and PLL Auto Tuning       Function.

  Perfectly compatible with external devices, and made for an automated production line .

  Separated to 4 units each , and easily interchangeable with the main unit

  length of output cable allows you to install the equipment in the range of 100 meter.

  Provides solutions to regulate heat capacity of each unit

  Uses Synchronous way which enables output wave to have the same phase.

  Not interfered with the other coils

  high power factor by using Frequency Control Method.

  Remote Monitoring Function


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