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(contactless power supply)


 SHF-010K Series

contactless power supply

 SHF-035K Series

 SHF-050K Series

   Output Frequency


   Input Power

 3PH 380V

   Ground Type

 Grade 1

   HF Output


   Oscillation Type

 IGBT Inverter

   Resonance Type

 LC Parallel

   Output Track A


   Booster Output V


   PCB Control



Induction Power Generator 1

Track Coil 1

Pick up Coil Uint


Reactifier Unit


Tank Capacitor Unit


Dynamic Brake Unit


  Minimize the rate of voltage change by using Current Source Control

   Long distance transmission of output (the length of Track Line is Min.100 meter.

   Rapid response of speed  to loads change by using PLL Auto Tuning

   Not restricted in a Space to install equipment

 Minimized Pick up Coil

  Easily transferred and installed because the weight is than the exisiting coil

  perfectly sovled interference between the 1st and the 2nd coil by increasing the width of the    existing coils

  High Energy and economical efficient

  Compact Design of the 2nd coil


Existing Sehyang's

W(144) H(150) L(490)

W(162) H(144) L(283)

 Rate of voltage change in according to loads

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