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  In a LCD manufacturing process equipment, LCD back light evaporating M/C is equipment to evaporate    
   and diffuse mercury of a pallet of CCFL with high frequency induction heating.

  Generic Specification

   Input Power

   3PH AC380V,50/60Hz

   Input Max. Power


   HF Output


   Output Frequency


   Oscillation Element

   Electronic Vacuum Tube

   Output Reg.

   SCR (5%~100%)

   Heating Temperature


   Cooling Water

   Volume: 5ℓ/min, Pressure :0.15Mpa

   Rectification Element


  Uses DC 24V for relay sequence DC24V, regulates output by SCR

  Uses three phase electric wave length, and composed to oscillation     circuit of the both poles magnetomotive force.

  Composed to direct coupling output circuit and controlled by    constant     current control method 

   Doesn't have a bad effect on PLC or other external devices because    it     doesn't radiate electromagnetic wave







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