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(how to brazing)

Model Specification Output Frequency Dimension

  SHF - 20K

AC220 ~ 380
1PH 50/60 Hz
20kW ~100kW 10 ~ 200 kHz

     600 x 450 x 850

  SHF - 50K

     700 x 800 x 1700

  SHF - 100K

     700 x 850 x 1950


how to brazing


  Stable and uniform output by using constant voltage and constant current control method (IGBT Invertor)

  Easily maintained and repaired by providing a self diagnostic function through Micro Processor.

  Braze joints provide surface of good quality and  precision heating of a workpiece in a minimal amount     of time by controlling depth of heat penetration.

  Operator can monitor all operation conditions through VFD.

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